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State Taxes – where do these payments get collected (ie: FTB – Franchise Tax Board) and who is on the Board of the FTB that makes the decisions on how the Tax Dollars are being Spent? On Who? Residents consider what type of “feeling” in exchange for these payments?

So far…. you’ve heard Beach, Weather, and what else? What else stands out? Disneyland? Wildfires for Free Heat and Air? Is that it? Anything else? ns@stateofcalifornia(.org) – Contact Us here if you know what else so we can add it here.

If the Resident leaves California and then stops making those payments since NOT being a resident of California, then that 10-13.3+% savings STAY in the resident’s pocket.

So take for instance, you want to pitch to a NON-RESIDENT to come to CALIFORNIA to live the “CALIFORNIA DREAM” in exchange for 10% fee to live in the state, so what consciously is absorbed into that person’s mind where they are willing to NOW PAY 10% of their earnings in order to CLAIM RESIDENCY in the State Of California? – what would you TELL & Convince to your friend why they should MOVE TO CALIFORNIA?

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