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State of California Residents reminiscing about how paying State Taxes for the type of security and protection, when riots and pandemics make the citizens unstable and unsatisfied, what is the State Taxes being put towards? Is it to inflate the economy so that prices stay higher? Is it to make it easier for the State’s managers to generate income without having to work for it? Where’s the security, where’s the protection, where’s the assurance and insurance from all the FTB takes paid by the residents of California, after paying Federal Taxes as well, that are also paid to the State by the FED. So what’s the real story? Where’s the protection?

Essential work to meet this moment – Do what’s needed for your needs and maintain integrity as a Citizen in the State Of California.

Use Common Sense

Social Distancing to avoid the contact of Germs/Viruses in the current circumstance.

The Future is something to Manifest, and doing the right thing today to make the future better.

California Wildfires – Who has an interest to START or STOP the California Wildfires – Insurance Companies?

Would you think that the INSURANCE COMPANIES that have to dish out money for claims on properties, would have an interest to diffuse the fires, by providing planes, trains, automobiles, helicopters, and any resources, to help diffuse the FIRES IMMEDIATELY??? Obviously, this would then lessen then need for their dishing out MONEY for CLAIMS on those properties affected by the FIRES?

Would the STATE OF CALIFORNIA want to put its money and resources diffusing the fires, when it has no FINANCIAL BENEFIT IN DOING SO?

What does the STATE OF CALIFORNIA actually do with all that 10-13% STATE TAX COLLECTED BY ALL THE RESIDENTS OF THE STATE – Isn’t it suppose to be used to diffuse these situations to protect the residents that are paying for living in a state so they are SECURE and SAFE? – What’s the problem here?

President Donald Trump just signed a declaration regarding California’s water hoarding tactics.

California CHP off 15 freeway near Nevada State Line

California Agriculture Inspection Station

If you are a resident of the State Of California and have problems with paying your State Taxes, and you so happened to have a Well Fargo account, the FTB has a relationship with Wells Fargo with regards to these matters, however, because of the Wells Fargo scandal recently with reference to the 5300 Wells Fargo employees who opened FAKE ACCOUNTS in order to falsely reach quotas for BONUSES, California has suspended ties with Wells Fargo. – Question is, in 2018, what’s the status between California and Wells Fargo after this scandal has been in play for 2 years?


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