If you are a resident of the State Of California and have problems with paying your State Taxes, and you so happened to have a Well Fargo account, the FTB has a relationship with Wells Fargo with regards to these matters, however, because of the Wells Fargo scandal recently with reference to the 5300 Wells Fargo employees who opened FAKE ACCOUNTS in order to falsely reach quotas for BONUSES, California has suspended ties with Wells Fargo. – Question is, in 2018, what’s the status between California and Wells Fargo after this scandal has been in play for 2 years?


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Since California had done a lot of business with Wells Fargo from an FTB/Franchise Tax Board stand point, because of the Scandal Wells Fargo involved itself due to the FAKE ACCOUNT matter, California suspends ties with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo – California punishes for scandal on Wells Fargo’s 5300 employees, whom were fired for opening fake accounts to meet quotas and hit bonuses.