California Wildfires – Who has an interest to START or STOP the California Wildfires – Insurance Companies?

Would you think that the INSURANCE COMPANIES that have to dish out money for claims on properties, would have an interest to diffuse the fires, by providing planes, trains, automobiles, helicopters, and any resources, to help diffuse the FIRES IMMEDIATELY??? Obviously, this would then lessen then need for their dishing out MONEY for CLAIMS on those properties affected by the FIRES?

Would the STATE OF CALIFORNIA want to put its money and resources diffusing the fires, when it has no FINANCIAL BENEFIT IN DOING SO?

What does the STATE OF CALIFORNIA actually do with all that 10-13% STATE TAX COLLECTED BY ALL THE RESIDENTS OF THE STATE – Isn’t it suppose to be used to diffuse these situations to protect the residents that are paying for living in a state so they are SECURE and SAFE? – What’s the problem here?

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